Kanazawa Noh Museum

写真提供 : 金沢能楽美術館

Invitation to a World Intangible Cultural Heritage – Noh
Noh plays were protected as samurai entertainment by the Maeda family, the lords of the Kaga clan, and then developed as “Kaga Hōshō”, a performing art for ordinary people. It was said that “Noh chants fall from the heavens”, because artisans, including gardeners and carpenters, would sing Noh chants as they worked in high places such as in tree and on roofs.
Although the Kaga Hōshō school went into a period of decline after the Meiji Restoration(1868),when the samurai class was abolished, Sano Kichinosuke, who was called the father of the revival of Kaga Hōshō, dedicated himself to the promotion of Noh in Kanazawa. He developed Kaga Hōshō into the flourishing art form that it is today.
This museum is located in Hirosaka, where the previous Noh theater was situated. Noh (Nōgaku) has been designated as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage and “Kaga Hōshō” has been designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset by Kanazawa City.
The museum aims to fill the role of passing on works of art and traditional culture to future generations. It also aims to be a museum with character over the generations and affability.Information
Closing days
Mondays and the year change period.(The museum may be closed at other times for changing of exhibits.)
Opening Hours
10:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. (last admission at 5:30 p.m.)
Admission Fee
300 yen/person
Group*: 250 yen/person *Group: more than 20 people
Seniors*: 200 yen/person *Senior: 65 or older
Under 18: free