Miroku Onsen Motoyu


Miroku Onsen Motoyu

Miroku Onsen Motoyu is public bath stands just 150m from the Atsushi, walking located in a 3-minute Proud of their.
The always spirited line of public bath price.
adult ( more than 18 years old) :440 yen
12~17 years old :130 yen
Children ( under 12 years old ):50 yen
※ In the case of bathing fee changes will be increased or decreased.
Miroku Onsen Motoyu are fully equipped with steam room, whirlpool, bubble hot water, hot spring body shower,
launderette( you can do the laundry while enjoy bath time).



Seisonkaku is a villa that the 13th lord of the Maeda family built for his mother in Kenrokuen Garden in 1863. Fine techniques in a wide variety are used for the inner pillars and walls of Seisonkaku. These techniques include a wooden panel with openwork carvings of flowers and birds and a coffered ceiling for the guest chamber called “Ekken-no-ma.” From these, visitors will know the status of the then Maeda family. Furthermore, Seisonkaku exhibits articles with a long and distinguished history, such as dolls for the Japanese Girls’ Festival and furniture.

Kanazawa Castle Park


Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the flowers and trees, such as plum and cherry blossoms in spring, azaleas and irises early in summer, and colorful red and yellow leaves in autumn.
Besides, you can enjoy special view of seasonal beauty landscape with Yukizuri (rope supports to protect from the snow), which is performed from November 1 every year at Kenrokuen Garden.
Kanazawa Castle Park and Kenrokuen Garden will be illuminated in some evenings in every season. You can experience mystical atmosphere and different views from those in daytime.